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Hi! I'm Josh Beatty and I am an incoming freshman at the University of Utah. Engineering wise, my current focus is on software development. In my free time, I spend a lot of time creating digitally. I've created apps, websites, games, and tools. I am proficient in Python, C#, and Lua but have also worked in JavaScript and Java. I have also participated in many different clubs and extracurricular activities including Boy Scouts, Robotics, and the California Scholarship Federation. This fall I will be going to the University of Utah to major in computer science at their college of engineering.


Prism calculator

Prism calculator is a multi-function geometric calculator. Programmed in javascript using the Tabris framework, the app has a native feel on both Android and Ios. With well over 500 downloads across both platforms, this app has been a success. It utilizes javascript with node.js and the big decimal library for arbitrary precision. This was just a first step into using Tabris, making use of multiple inputs types as well as a status bar and multiple pages with variable recolection.

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Recolor is a simple Simon like memory game developed in Corona SDK. Corona is a cross-platform language build on top of Lua. Using this framework I was able to build a simple game that I have published to both the google play, and apple app store, to positive reception. This application was mostly a test to see how I could use the Corona SDK in the future on bigger projects.

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This Educational Game was a team project where we were tasked to design and create an education game using Greenfoot. To do this we made a typing game focused around java syntax. This project demonstrates the use of java and the Greenfoot environment. This project also furthered my experience with team communication through delegation of different tasks and managing a cohesive environment.

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Achievements & Certifications

  • HubSpot Certified
  • 1stPlace - Regional Science fair Grand Prize Winner
  • 3.8 University of Utah
  • VEX Robotics World Championship Qualifier
  • California Scholarship Federation Member


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